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 ALIGN: Behavior-based Strategy Deployment

Participants will be able to help their organization visualize alignment of its tools, systems, and principles. By starting at the organizations’ mission, vision, core values, and strategic philosophy, we create a starting point to align key lean principles across the enterprise. Most organizations find it easier to implement lean tools to target immediate gains in the spirit of elimination of waste, but this creates serious problems later on when it becomes time to sustain those efforts. A short-term focus quickly blinds the capabilities on exponential gains of a principle-driven, long-term focus.


The most common missed link between the Shingo model and driving lean principle behavior is understanding the entire alignment of tools, systems, and principles; being able to map ideal behavior tied to lean principles and how your systems are created to support those principles; and finally how your tools where selectively chosen to support those systems.


Participants will be able to:

• Translate your desired culture into specific behaviors
• Monitor behavior (KBI) and performance (KPI)
• Align and measure the executive of your strategy
• Create a visual map to align and adjust your culture


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Event Location

May 7, 2013  
8 a.m.-5 p.m.

ALIGN: Behavior-Based Strategy Deployment

Provo, Utah, USA
  This workshop will be held on the Tuesday before the 25th Annual International Shingo Prize Conference in Provo, Utah. If you would like to sign up for ONLY the workshop and not the conference, please click the "Non-Attendee" button on the registration page. You can then choose the workshop only. If you would like to attend both the conference and the workshop, please choose "Attendee" on the registration page. You can then choose the workshop and conference registration.


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