The way people behave when they come to work has a direct impact on the bottom-line of any organization. Successful organizations have cultures that drive ideal behavior. Ideal behaviors, aligned with proven principles of operational excellence, result in continuously improving quality, cost, and delivery to customers.


The Shingo Prize has been assessing organizational performance for over 23 years and has developed a methodology for determining the degree to which the behaviors of leaders, managers, and associates are aligned with the ideal. The challenge has been to simplify this methodology such that any organization can easily evaluate itself on a regular basis to determine where it stands relative to the global standard. To that end, The Shingo Prize has developed SCOPE.




SCOPE is a web-delivered assessment that looks at the entire organization: leaders, managers, and associates. The assessment helps managers improve the consistency of their execution and performance by measuring and addressing specific factors surrounding 10 guiding principles.


  • There are four dimensions (Cultural Enablers, Continuous Process Improvement, Enterprise Alignment, & Results)
  • Results are reported for the organization as a whole, as well for each strategic category of Leadership, Support and Operations
  • Results are anonymous – individual responses cannot be traced
  • The online assessment can be administered quarterly, semi-annually, annually or at any convenient interval to track improvement in capability
  • The SCOPE assessment is currently available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. The initiation processes and final reports are currently only available in English.
  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

SCOPE Introductory Webinar

  • Watch the Introductory SCOPE Webinar presented by Robert Miller, executive director at The Shingo Prize below:


Uses For the Assessment

  • Implementation/failure gap closure
  • Lean organizational health assessment
  • Leadership-change baseline
  • Maturity milestone on the lean journey

What You Receive

  • Web-delivered standard questionnaire
  • Standardized questions grouped by the ten guiding principles and across three levels: leaders, managers, and associates
  • Shingo debrief workshop led by a Shingo examiner to help you understand the findings and learn how to use them to improve your organization (additional fee)


The Details
  • The Assessment is comprised of a 20-30 minute online survey. The survey shows a statement of ideal behavior at the top (the orange text in the image below) and three questions relating to that statement. An example is shown below:


Sample Question.
Sample Question


  • In order to get a meaningful sample, we ask that all the Leaders and Managers in the surveying entity take the assessment
  • The number of Associates that will need to take the survey will depend on the size of the organization
  • Click here for a sample list of ideal behaviors
  • The assessment report currently has two levels of detail; a high-level executive summary and question-level analysis, as in the following examples:


Executive Summary Snapshot.

Executive Summary


Executive Summary, Cont.

Executive Summary, cont.


Question Level.

Question Level Summary


The SCOPE survey provides current cultural feedback helping you lead an ever-evolving culture of excellence.





Pricing is based on a calculated sample size for your organization, not on the total population of the organization. The Shingo Prize will calculate the appropriate sample size based on the structure and total size of your organization. Each organization is unique and The Shingo Prize will work with each one to determine the appropriate sample size.


Example: An organization with five Leaders, 15 Managers and 180 Associates would be sampled at 100% of Leaders, 100% of Managers and 75% of Associates. The target sample size would be 5 + 15 + 135 = 155. Including the setup fee ($250) and at $8 per head, the total price of the survey would be $1,490.


There is no extra fee for surveying more than the target sample size. You may survey as many people as you'd like. Likewise, there is no extra fee for surveying less than the calculated target size. However, failing to meet the target sample size decreases the reliability of the results.

Organization Size

Setup Fee (USD)

$/Employee (USD)
1-1,000 $250
1,000 + Contact Us  
Sample Size Price (USD)
50 $650
150 $1,450
250 $2,250
600 $5,050
900 $7,450


For questions or further information about SCOPE, please contact Shaun Barker at or 435-797-3815.



The Shingo Prize has been assessing organizational performance for over two decades and has developed
a methodology for determining the degree to which the behaviors of leaders, managers, and associates are aligned with the ideal.